3 Shires Drone Surverys & Aerial Pictures
Roofing Surveys

3 Shires Drone Surveys and Aerial Pictures Ltd can carry out aerial surveys of your roof to identify problems that can’t be seen from the ground such as:

  • Loose, broken or missing tiles
  • Obstructions in guttering and roof valleys
  • Blocked chimney pots
  • Defective or damaged lead flashing
  • Condition of ridge tiles, gutting, any high-level wiring, aerials and satellite dishes and lightning conductors
  • Condition of exterior window frames

...and pretty much anything else on your building

Without the need for any ladders or scaffolding, we can take as many high-resolution pictures as you need to identify problems. From the safety of the ground we can get photos of difficult-to-reach or inaccessible areas without putting an operator in harm’s way or the need for expensive safe systems of work. As the drone manoeuvres, we can monitor progress during flight from the real-time video feed.

From small dwellings to stately homes, from outbuilding to industrial units, we can survey, inspect and issue reports to meet your needs.

If you have any concerns on what’s happening on your roof, get in touch and find out how we can help. We welcome enquiries from householders, landlords, businesses and anyone else who wants peace of mind about their buildings.

Drone aerial survey chimney
Drone aerial survey of a roof
Drone aerial shot of a roof
Drone aerial survey of roofing
Drone aerial survey of a roof
Drone aerial shot of farm roof